Centre Stage

Centre Stage

Centre Stage

Centre Stage Diamond Edition to celebrate their 60th Birthday.

Join COS for an evening of songs from West End and Broadway shows where they will showcase numbers from their past shows and possible new ones! You will be tapping your feet to numbers from 42nd Street, Blues Brothers, Hello Dolly and Wicked to name but a few. So, all you need to do is sit back while they dazzle you with this year’s 'Centre Stage'.

(Photos courtesy of Stephen Candy. www.stephencandyphotography.co.uk)


Amy O’Donohoe 
Anika Lefevre
Beccy Cowlard
Beth Hinton
Gina Ould
Helen Heppell
Jo Williams
Jonathan Hope
Jonny Jones
Jordan Mackay
Karen O'Connor
Kathy Stokes
Kirsty Franks
Lorna Heppell
Louise Bateman
Lynn Lawrence
Lynne Fallowell
Lynne Fever
Matt Hinton
Neil Edeson
Niamh Welberry
Nita Graham
Norman Wyeth
Rachel Fisk
Samantha Locher-Lampson
Sarah-Louise McEvoy
Sarah Thompson
Susan Perry
Val Brown
Victoria Butler

Anna Hartley
Beth Cowlard
Charlie Carden
Danielle Paston
Ebanie Daniels
Ellie Buche
Emily Williams
Emma Cowlard
Grace Graham
Grace Towning
Harriet Cosh
Marley O’Connor

NODA Review:

This was to celebrate 60 years of COS. My congratulations to you all on what has been achieved over the years: You should all be so proud. Right from the very start the evening rose to great heights of enthusiasm, and the company just exploded into action of song and very fast and slick choreography, what an opening. Sadly I have no names for the soloists so I can only comment on the various numbers without actually knowing who the performers were. ‘One Brick at a time’ from Barnum was very cleverly choreographed with so many children joining in followed by some great tapping to ‘42nd Street’ and the costumes were spectacular. In fact the costumes were great all the way through and so many changes the cast must have been exhausted by the finish. I’m surprised that they put them on in the right order!! I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Just Arrived’ from Copacabana with clever use of suitcases followed shortly by ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ superbly performed by the entire company. This was followed by ‘Matchmaker’ delightfully sung by 3 children and then treated to two gay, clever numbers from Hamilton, a show that I have never seen. I must comment on three very talented people, the first a youngster singing ‘Maybe’ from Annie and the other two were ‘A Couple of Swells’ who would have given Judy Garland and Fred Astaire a run for their money. The first half finished with ‘I’ve Got Rhythm’ which was certainly the case with this talented society.
Act two started with a bang with the cast reminding us that ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ followed by ‘Let me be your Star’ most beautifully sung and costumed. Everyone loves The Witches of Eastwick and ‘Look at Me’ certainly cemented that feeling for me and was cleverly followed by ‘The Letter’ from Billy Elliot performed in a most moving way designed to bring a lump to the throat which was rapidly dispersed by the entire cast singing ‘Ain’t it Good’ from Children of Eden. This was followed by an excellent solo from The Addams Family. Seven well clad and beautifully harmonised ladies sang ‘Broadway Babies’ from Follies and shortly after that we were treated to ‘Seventeen’ from Slice of Saturday Night. The evening was finished off with a flourish by ‘Dancing in the Street’, not literally, from Motown. Everyone involved in this great evening’s entertainment should be very proud of their efforts.