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The Cast

Shrek - Tom Paine

Princess Fiona - Kirsty Franks

Donkey - Dean Garnham

Lord Farquaad - Jonny Jones

Gingy/Sugar Plum Fairy - Saxona Woolgar

Dragon - Bethany Landskroner

Pinocchio- Alex Hopkins

Teen Fiona - Ella Vardy

Young Fiona - Isobel Buche

Fairytale characters and other named parts
Andrew Cornell (Wolf), Kathleen Shuster (Wicked Witch), Matt Barnett/Ryan Hicks/Harry Cornell (3 Little Pigs), Lynne Fever (Mumma Ogre/Mumma Bear), Duff Eynon (Papa Ogre / Papa Bear), Hayley Tippett (Peter Pan), Amy Stubbing (Elf), Aimee Bow (White Rabbit), Charly Ralph (Ugly Duckling) Maddy Sproston / Charlotte Bailey / Ella Vardy (Three Blind Mice), Hannah Warwick (Mad Hatter), Jordan Mackay (Queen Lillian and Humpty Dumpty), Spencer Turnbull (Captain Of the Guards), Jo Williams (Fairy Godmother), Jemma Walton (Tweedle Dee), Nita Graham (Tweedle Dum), Nancy Sproston/Katie Paine/Susan Perry/Charlotte Cosh (Dragon Handlers), Luke Champion (Young Shrek and Dwarf), Louise McGillivray (Baby Bear).

Amiee Bow, Charlotte Bailey, Charlotte Cosh, Charlotte Punt, Nita Graham, Ryan Hicks, Matt Barnett, Ella Vardy, Danielle Nightingale, Charly Ralph, Maddy Sproston, Harry Cornell, Jemma Walton, Kathleen Shuster, Tegan Muggeridge, Ellie Buche.

Norman Wyeth, Kathy Stokes, Shaz Khan, Stephen Fanis, Nicola Barnikel, Louise Bateman, Danielle Paston, Mattie Jackson, Anna Hartley, Cavan Ould, Makkenzi Smith.

Check out our reviews from Noda, The Crawley Observer and

They have delivered yet another stunning production to add to their, already impressive, back catalogue
— Paul Lucas-Scott,
The show is a joy from start to finish with quality singing, sets and costumes
— Mark Dunford, Crawley Observer
What a great show. I loved every minute of it. A special mention has to go to the costume and make-up department for creating fantastic characters that stood out from the very beginning
— Jose Harrison, Noda

A few of the stunning photographs taken by Stephen Candy Photography